My name is Mike Mazur and I am a Software Developer currently living in Singapore.

I'm a versatile engineer always up for a challenge, happiest when I'm learning while solving a problem. Some of my career highlights include:

  • Helped streamline a number of development teams by coaching them on agile practices, releasing high-quality products along the way.
  • As a core developer of the OpenSimulator project, I contributed a Linden Scripting Language compiler, a major improvement in scripting support.
  • Designed & test-drove a user acceptance test framework from concept to product for Project Kusu, a Linux cluster management stack.
  • Part of first-prize winning team in the 2009 code::XtremeApps:: 24-hour programming competition for an augmented reality application on the Android platform.

My interests include functional programming, distributed/cloud computing, test-driven development, lean/agile, and so on.

I can be reached by email at or elsewhere on the web:

Please contact me directly for a copy of my CV. Some details are available at StackOverflow Careers.